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Newton Too (A Poem By Gillian Butcher From United Kingdom)
Sandra Fee From Ireland
Shohini Ghose From Canada
Irene Nsiah Akoto From Ghana
Sakina Fakhraddin From Yemen

Ode to My Lovely Physicist (A Poem By Sandra Fee From Ireland)

Sammy, you are my quantum, my photon of light and love.
When my threshold frequency is reached, I fly like a dove.
You raise me up to higher energy levels and free me
Your light becomes my kinetic energy.

My mass and your energy are one, it’s pure delight!
I am your loving charged body through the night.
You are my electric and magnetic field.
My Knight in Armour, holding a Golden shield.

You make my time dilate,
And cause my heart to vibrate.
Please resonate at my frequency
And keep me from delinquency.

I will stay out of mischief if you keep my heart content
Sometimes I fail, but don’t earth me on the pavement
I am a human article,
not a subatomic particle!